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10 Cm “H” Section – 9201

9201 - (0.421 Kg/M)


The “sliding window 10 CM ‘H’ Section” is a foundational element, providing stability and support to the window assembly, with its sturdy design ensuring longevity and smooth operation.

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The “sliding window 10 CM ‘H’ Section” represents a crucial structural element within sliding window systems. With a width or depth of 10 centimeters, the ‘H’ section serves as a foundational component, providing stability and support to the entire window assembly. Its ‘H’ shape design offers inherent strength, allowing it to withstand the rigors of daily use and environmental stresses. This section is meticulously crafted to ensure precise alignment and seamless integration with other window components, contributing to the smooth operation and longevity of the sliding window system. Whether in residential or commercial settings, the ‘H’ section plays a pivotal role in enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of sliding windows, ensuring they stand the test of time with enduring reliability.

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Beige-1015, Mill Finish, Silver, White-9010




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