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10 Cm Box C Section (D/G) – 12321

12321 - (0.734 Kg/M)


The 10cm Box C Section (D/G) is a versatile structural component, shaped like a “C,” often used in construction. The “(D/G)” suggests it may offer double-glazing, enhancing its insulation properties.


The 10cm Box C Section (D/G) likely refers to a structural component used in construction or manufacturing. The “C Section” indicates its shape, resembling the letter “C” when viewed in cross-section. The “(D/G)” may suggest that it’s double-glazed, implying it offers insulation properties suitable for maintaining temperature or sound control. This type of section could be utilized in various building applications, such as framing systems for walls, windows, or doors.

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Black, Beige-1015, Mill Finish, White-9010




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