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10.5 Cm Fly Screen – 12745

12745 - (0.457 Kg/M)


The “10.5 Cm Fly Screen” likely refers to a protective screen used to prevent insects or debris from entering a space, particularly with a width of 10.5 centimeters. These screens are commonly installed on windows or doors to allow airflow while keeping out pests.

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The 10.5 cm measurement likely indicates the width of the screen frame, ensuring compatibility with architectural features such as window frames or door frames. These fly screens can be crafted with materials like mesh or netting, providing an effective barrier against insects without obstructing airflow or visibility. They offer a practical solution for maintaining a comfortable and pest-free environment indoors while allowing for ventilation and natural light.

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Black, Beige-1015, Mill Finish, White-9010




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